EEE+ ScoreShare

Monitor student progress: view assignment scores for opted-in students

About EEE+ ScoreShare

What is EEE+ ScoreShare?

EEE+ ScoreShare provides a platform for securely viewing students’ interim assignment scores during the quarter as an aid for academic advising and academic counseling needs at UCI. Students opt-in to release their scores to authorized advisors in participating units.

What information is displayed to advisors in EEE+ ScoreShare?

For students who have opted-in to release scores to their unit, an advisor can see the following information during current quarters for both EEE+ Canvas and EEE Legacy learning management systems:

  • Classes in which the student is enrolled
  • Assignments that have been released or distributed to students in those classes
  • Scores for the released or distributed assignment
    • The score for a released or distributed assignment can be suppressed; in this case the advisor would see just the assignment
  • Other student information, including: name, ID #, major, and UCInetID

Additional FAQ

What information is not displayed to advisors in EEE+ ScoreShare?
  • Official final grades, as this information is available via the Registrar’s office
  • Unreleased or undistributed scores or assignments, as this information is available only to the instructor and any authorized assistants via either EEE+ Canvas Grades or EEE Legacy GradeBook.
Do students have to opt-in for advisors to see their scores?

Yes: if students want their interim assignment scores to be accessible by advisors in EEE+ ScoreShare, then they will need to opt-in to release scores. Students can opt-out at any time, and they will be automatically opted-out after the end of the academic year.

Advisors cannot see any information in EEE+ ScoreShare about a student who has not opted-in.

How does EEE+ ScoreShare fit into the EEE+ Canvas transition?

UCI is currently transitioning from its own homegrown learning management system (EEE Legacy) to a broader ecosystem that combines Canvas with homegrown and third party applicants. A key benefit of this transition is that the Office of Information Technology’s in-house EEE development team can devote more time and effort into creating new, tailor-made tools that meet UCI’s unique needs, particularly in support of student success.

EEE+ ScoreShare is the one of the first new applications that the EEE team is able to build as a result of the transition to EEE+ Canvas. EEE developers are applying much of what we have learned through the Canvas pilot and transition project to develop ScoreShare in a modular, sustainable way outside the EEE Legacy architecture.

We’ve had a number of requests for this tool over the years, but have been unable to devote the time and resources to create it. We’re excited to bring this service to our campus and give advisors a new way to provide timely and effective aid to UCI students!

Advisors: Access student scores

Authorized advisors in units using ScoreShare can view assignment scores for students who have opted-in to share their scores.

Students: Release scores to advisors

Students can opt-in to release assignment scores to their advisors that belong to units using EEE+ ScoreShare.

Students can also opt-out at any time.

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